Gin & Tonic: the Spanish way!

In Spain, the gin-tonic (as it’s more commonly known) is all about garnishes and aromatic flavors. Traditionally served in round balloon glasses to let the aromas mingle, this version of a classic gin cocktail has a sweet-savory balance of tart grapefruit, fragrant thyme, and tangy olives.  Serves 4   Ingredients ice cubes 200ml gin ½ pink grapefruit, cut into thin wedges 1 orange, zest peeled into large strips fresh thyme sprigs 4 pitted queen olives, rinsed 600ml tonic water Method Half-fill 4 balloon glasses with ice cubes, then divide the gin between them. Add a couple of grapefruit slices, strips of orange peel and thyme sprigs to each glass, followed by an olive. Top up each glass with the tonic water to serve. Tip: Use a vegetable peeler to peel off thin strips from the orange, trying to stick to the orange skin and leaving the white pith beneath. For extra flavour, you could use a little of the leftover orange flesh to stuff the olives with before adding to the glasses.